Sunday, 8 March 2009

Land of OZ

My voyage Down Under is well under way and I have not been disappointed. The cities I have visited so far have been been fascinating and make me question, why oh why I reside in the city of London? Sydney has to be the closest thing to Utopia on this planet. Considering how tender of age a city it is, it exudes an old world glamour that sits so comfortably next to the phallic high rises and boasts two of the most globally  iconic man made structures. How can you not be floored when you gaze upon the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the inimitable Opera House? Have also chanced upon an amazing salvage emporium: DOUG UP ON BOURKE STREET, 901 a Bourke St, Waterloo 2017.

Am yet to cuddle a koala or scale the bridge but I shall keep you posted.

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