Friday, 12 December 2008

A Child of the Jago

This twisted lovechild of Joe Corre ( Co-founder of Agent Provocateur) and Barnzley (designer) is quite possibly the sickest menswear boutique in the capital. It's been open since July of this year and my virgin visit last night has left me quite scarred and inspired. 

The name of the shop is taken from a novel by Arthur Morrison, who recounts the murky tale of Eastend squalor in Victorian London. The interior does not disappoint, as I crossed the threshold I was greeted by a Dickensian scallywag, resplendent in tailcoat and handlebar mustache. He ushered me into a time warp of a space decorated with old weaponry, prosthetic limbs and Apache Indian head pieces. I was torn between a Navaho style cashmere hoodie and a genuine 'Brothel Inspector' sheriff's badge'  but settled for a 1960s vintage Pirelli Calendar, a Christmas gift for a very lucky man!  M x 

A Child of the Jago
10, Great Eastern Street
London, EC2A 3HT

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