Sunday, 18 January 2009

Ich bin nein ein Berliner

Spent last weekend slipping and sliding atop the icy pavements of Berlin with my coven of witches. We stayed in the Mitte district- Berlin's answer to SoHo, replete with guerilla galleries and bars. We lost a glove and found it again on our last day, little did we know that it would serve to be a lasting emblem of our stay in a city too cool for it's own good. 

Berlin has a certain raffish beauty which is lent to it by the amazing urban art that decorates its concrete and Bauhaus environs. Delicious food also, lest we forget the impeccable Vietnamese fare to be had at Monsieur Vong's on Schonhauser Strasse.

Will endeavour to go back and make peace with the place. 

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